Sun Kissed

Tassels seem to have come back into style, much like any other trend. I love a nice fun skirt! While the skirt is very dressy, I love to mix unexpected things together; like sneakers with a skirt. At first I wasn’t sure, but I went with it because that was my initial idea. Earlier in the year, I was talking about self-love and now I want to focus on confidence. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for what we have and feel comfortable in our bodies, and I am not just talking about on the exterior. Being confident in our ideas, even those that may not fully be accepted by others. I had actually started a blog in 2013, but I kept making excuses that people were not going to like my style or that no one would pay attention and everyday I regret giving up on what I had started. This go around, I am focusing on loving my ideas and sharing that authentically with whoever wants to listen (or read). I say all this to say, love yourself and don’t be afraid to share your ideas and follow your dreams, there’s people out there who believe in you even if you do not know it. 

Shirt: zara

skirt: ali express

shoes: adidas

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