Beauty Look of the Day


I am usually a big fan of wonderspaces, I have been going for the past 3 years, but unfortunately, I was disappointed by it this year. It was a whole bunch of chairs and bohemian settings around. The last couple of years were much more interactive. Regardless, I thought I looked cute. The outfit I am wearing was originally a dress that I cut into two pieces and matched it with my all time favorite stan smiths. I was recently having this conversation with one of my girls and I am not into the chucky sneaker trend. I am all about the slim classics.

I change up my hair so often. I get bored so easily. When I saw this hairstyle on ig I just had to do it. I ended up starting at like 9pm, didn’t finish for hours. I was exhausted but all worth it. The hardest part was that my hair was longer than where I wanted the braids to end. Oh well. I made it work. I kind of miss them now. Natural hair takes so much work and effort on a daily basis. The next one I want to try is the feed in, knotless individuals. I am super excited. Wish me luck !

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