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Beauty Look of the Day


I am usually a big fan of wonderspaces, I have been going for the past 3 years, but unfortunately, I was disappointed by it this year. It was a whole bunch of chairs and bohemian settings around. The last couple of years were much more interactive. Regardless, I thought I looked cute. The outfit I am wearing was originally a dress that I cut into two pieces and matched it with my all time favorite stan smiths. I was recently…

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Look of the Day

Curly Bangz

I have been wanting curly bangs since forever but for some reason, my hair just doesn’t do that. I feel that it may be because I do not have enough volume in my hair. So when I found some extra hair laying around, it was the perfect opportunity to make a wig with curly bangs. I definitely enjoyed this wig. I have been into making wigs for about 2 years now and I have gotten so much better! I wanted…

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Queenin’ in the Capitol

For people who have been reading my blog, you all know that I love traveling; experiencing new cultures, new foods, especially when I get to spend it with people I love. Many blog posts ago, I mentioned how I met my friend Katherine, on bumble BFF (if you have tried it, great way to meet friends). Anyway, she wasn’t from San Diego and we always knew she would eventually move back home. Earlier this year, she went and bought a…

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I love scarfs. I can literally wear it with anything. At a certain point in my life, I wore them all the time. I like that it adds a certain amount of personal style and theres so much different ways to do it.…

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Travel Look of the Day

When in Vegas

Vegas. I have a love hate relationship with Vegas. I can only take it in small doses. Three days in and I am ready to go, but I do always enjoy a reason to get dressed up. This dress actually comes with pants. but it was so hot couldn’t wear both in Vegas. I got it from Zara, still one of my favorite stores. I paired it with my favorite sneakers the originals adidas sam smith. I know a lot…

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