Queenin’ in the Capitol


For people who have been reading my blog, you all know that I love traveling; experiencing new cultures, new foods, especially when I get to spend it with people I love. Many blog posts ago, I mentioned how I met my friend Katherine, on bumble BFF (if you have tried it, great way to meet friends). Anyway, she wasn’t from San Diego and we always knew she would eventually move back home. Earlier this year, she went and bought a place back home in DC. While i was sad, it gave me a reason to visit.

She worked on a couple days while I was there so I got to explore on a scooter, so much fun.

I started with the botanical gardens, surprisingly, I took that picture by myself. I then went towards capitol hill and saw the Smithsonian museums, great architecture around the city. It was beautiful. I got my nails done in between and even managed to get some food by myself. I eventually ended up in Georgetown. Got some cupcakes at Georgetown cupcakes. Here is a list of places I recommend.

  • Blind whino
  • Green works flowers
  • Smithsonian museums
  • City Center DC
  • Library of congress
  • US botanical gardens
  • Capitol Building
  • Lincoln Reflecting pool

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