Look of the Day

Hipster Mally

Everyone knows I love yellow, so when I initially saw this jacket at Zara I had to have it. I’m literally obsessed with it. It goes with everything and its the perfect pop of color with any outfit. I was going to very hipster vibes and I think I managed to do that with the hat and the jeans under my dress. My last few outfits have been more about doing things out of the ordinary in order to show my unique fashion sense. While I want people to like my style, my clothes are how I express myself, it is an extension of my creativity. 

My focus lately has really been on empowering to be you all around; to not be afraid of living unapologetically. Our years on this earth are limited. As someone who has tough conversations with my clients on a daily basis, its all about doing the things you want and the things you never thought you could because that is the only way to look back and be content with the life you lived. 

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