Travel Look of the Day

Melanin yellow

I low-key highjacked this trip from my girl. She turning 30 in November and it was her idea to take a trip to Spain/Morocco, but it just made more sense to celebrate my birthday in Morocco since it was a few days away. My girls and I decided to wear yellow and do a photoshoot. Initially, it seemed like yellow was a common color but what we didn’t realize is that there are lots of shades of yellow. While we tried, we still didn’t manage to get the right shade, all I ended up with was lots of yellow dresses/ outfits for my trip. I was trying to pick between a few options and I even attempted to make my own dress at one point, but I am glad that this is the dress I ended up wearing. The flowy feel with the off the shoulder look really gave it a Moroccan feel. I was not trying to spend too much money, so I ended up actually purchasing this dress from one of those Chinese online boutiques. While it is a risk to buy something from them, when it works out its a great deal! This was just one of those times the dress actually matched the description. I was quite happy.

The park we are at is called Le Jardin Majorelle. It was so beautiful, so many colors and great architecture much like the rest of the city. There is an entry but its not much, about 7 Euros and totally worth it. While it wasn’t super close to the Medina, it allowed us to explore parts away from our hotel area.

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