Look of the Day

Orange is the new Black

Orange isn’t a color I am used to wearing. I may be overthinking it but I feel that since I have reddish undertones, the orange makes me look more red, but that’s just me. Seeing the pictures now, I may have been slightly overdramatic. I was very surprised by how popular this dress was when I posted it on my Instagram story. I like to challenge myself and my goal for this shoot was to accessorize less, personally I feel that the accessories take a regular outfit to the next level, but shockingly, people who aren’t into fashion simple looks lol.

I am sure I am not the only one who noticed I gained weight. I know that many people struggle with shifts in our weight, especially with age. One of the main reasons why I like this dress is because it accentuates my waist. the knot in the middle gives the illusion of a smaller waist.  The other great thing about this dress is its multi functionality. You can wear this to work or on a date, maybe even on a night out; this is where accessories matter, keeping it simple for work or dressing it up for a night out. While I may be feeling a bit self conscious about my weight, a good outfit always makes me feel a little more confident. Focus on dressing for your body time and accentuating the assets you have.

This photoshoot was done by https://kateyephotography.myportfolio.com/. She is so talented and sees my vision before I even see it. She takes the pictures and edits them. Check out her work on the site!


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