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Work Style

One of the most requested inspo outfits are work/ office attire. I get it, we spend most of our days at work and we want to look cute. It took me a while to get used to my work wardrobe. I have been in a professional field since graduating from undergrad but dressing up in the classroom is bit different than dressing to be a financial advisor. Now I mostly wear suits or a blazer and slacks, which can be boring if you don’t try. What I found to be most helpful is buying neutrals and pieces I find on sale. I buy most of my work pieces from Banana republic. I have a card with them so I use it to buy most of my daily things like gas, toiletries, etc. I then use the rewards I earn to buy things at Banana. I wait for their clearance sale, they usually have an additional 50% off sale. Combining that with my rewards allows me to get free clothes! I hate buy work clothes so I don’t want to have to pay for it.

When I initially started building my work wardrobe, I started with staple pieces; navy, black and gray suits. As time went on, I incorporated colors and patterns. It really comes down to how to pair things together. Neutrals always mix well. I bought the pants at H&M on sale and the blazer as well. When I purchase these kinds of items I focus on the quality because you can tell when things aren’t made well and it makes your outfit look cheap. But just because you want to buy quality does not mean you have to spend a lot. H&M is not expensive at all but I would not just buy any of their work pieces. I feel the material and figure out its worth it.

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