Look of the Day

Mally in the City

Coats always make me feel like Sex in the City. There’s a lot of things in my closet that I have never worn but can’t seem to give it up, like this coat. I got it at a thrift store many years back, I think it was crossroads in Santa Monica. Although I live in San Diego and have lived in Southern California the majority of my life, I still felt that I needed a coat lol. I loved the color and I thought of all these ways I could wear it. Well, I did what I do often, I put it in my closet and forgot about it, until this past weekend. I am glad that I finally took it out. This outfit turned out much better than I expected. I really hate when I have ideas and it doesn’t turn out quite like I imagined, so I was pleasantly surprised that it all came together the way it did. 

The outfit is from H&M, I got it many years ago and I used to wear it all the time until my sister told me it looked like pjs. So finally brought some of my favs out of my closet. 

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