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Hardcore Feminism


FEMINISM. A concept that is misunderstood by many. It is the core of who I am. So when I saw that fellow Somali Ladies came out with this shirt, I had to get it!! It represents me so well. Being raised in a patriachal society has made me extra sensitive to our rights as human beings. The concept that we are unable or not allowed to do certain things is crazy. I intend to live my life to the fullest and the way I want. This year is about self-love. About being me unapologethically. I have big dreams and for so long I have been afraid. So this is about following my dreams and not letting fear stop me. I hope that my followers and readers are inspired to do the same.

The shirt is from theyusufs. Go check them out! The skirt is target whowhatwear, I upcycled it, one of my favorite past times; taking something and turning it into something new and unique. When I saw it, I fell in love with the colors, but it wasn’t the right size. Its all good, cuz I fixed it up! The shoes are from my favorite store; ZARA, also on sale.

As for my makeup, the palette is Huda rose and the hippies always colouredraine.



“Well behaved women seldom make history”

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