be different babe

I live for clothes that make me feel confident. It can get hard sometimes, as a woman living in a time where perfect bodies are all over social media. I have struggled, and I know I am not alone. That is why I blog, because I know that there is at least one person out there who can relate to my struggles whether it is with confidence or shattering cultural norms. I remember the day I took these, I was not feeling fully confident but I did them anyway and I am. They show that things aren’t always perfect.

I liked the casualness of my outfit yet the dressiness since I paired them with heels. One of the reasons why I pair unexpected things together is to emphasize that fashion is personal and does not need to follow rules. It is an extension of who you are and it is okay being different. Do not let society tell you or make you feel otherwise. 

Jacket: riverisland

shoes: steve madden

jeans: old navy

clutch: aldo 

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