For the Culture Series


I was born in Somalia! Its a beautiful country in the horn of Africa. While I didn’t grow up there, my parents have taken the traditions and values with them along our journey to the US. I love the culture, the clothes, and the traditions. This outfit here is worn by bridesmaids during a big engagement party. Its not technically an engagement but for the sake of comparing it to an American wedding it is. In Somalia, we don’t have sweet sixteens or other celebrations, but we do go all out for weddings. It is days long with each day having a purpose. The day that this is worn, the bride wears same material in red. That is how we know she’s the bride. Usually it is the first outfit she walks in with. There’s music and sometimes singing from the older women there and welcome her in with her bridesmaids. While I paired it with a colorful necklace (from Zara of course!) brides usually wear gold, not gold plated jewelry but real gold. It represents what the man has given in terms of dowry. This purple outfit was worn by the married ladies in the family at my sister’s recent engagement party. Because I was not married, I wore the pink version which I will post later!

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