Look of the Day

When in Venice

I love finding new places. The Venice Canals remind me so much of Venice in Italy. There’s cute little houses and people can ride their boats up and down the stream. This is basically what me and Katherine do, find cute places to take pics. I am so glad I have found a someone to do all the things I enjoy doing!

As much as I like to dress up in heels and be all cute but nothing like a comfortable cute outfit. These are prob one of my favorite wide legged pants. Now I know I am too short for them but it kinda works. lol. They accentuate my waste and gives an illusion for bigger thighs. I found this shirt at Zara of course, I love that place. I initally got it in white but I liked it so much I went and got it in every color! You can’t really tell but the shirt is white and black strips. with a knot in the middle, again accentuates all the necessary places. The reason Why I love this shirt is because I do not own many things that are casual yet dressy, so having a T-shirt with an extra little knot is exactly my thing. The point of this shoot was to work with minimal accessories. Hence the hat and shades. I think I did pretty well in limiting my accessories.


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