Look of the Day

sewing is sexy

I love sewing. Its one of my favorite hobbies and one of my goals this year was to improve my skill. I’ve been sewing for years now but I have not been able to master the blazer so when I finally found a sewing teacher I liked, I knew what my first project was going to be. The reason why I was having such difficulty with blazers was because they have so much detailing around the collar. I approached this project like I would any other, I figured out my weaknesses and focused on that, I sought out someone who is an expert in that field for guidance and I practiced. While my suit can probably improve, I am proud that I can look back at this year and say that I have accomplished most of my goals. Now that I have finished this project, I have included sewing that into most of my weekends and sew as much as I can.

I love accessories and I try not to overdo them. I like statement pieces, hence the pineapple purse. The belt I got at a thrift store and the shoes I got at Ross. My entire outfit cost less than 50$, every piece included. I find it really rewarding that I can look good, be confident and know that I did not have to spend a lot of money doing so.

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