Travel Look of the Day

Printed in Morocco


I am an over packer, I have always been. So even though I only had 1 carry-on,  I managed to pack more than 7 outfits. I like to have options, what can I say. This was one of the outfits that I wasn’t sure if I would wear but it turned out perfect for our camel ride in the dessert. I had packed the scarf for another outfit and it seemed to go well with the theme. I did not even know that they were going to put headscarves on the girls once we got there. As you know, I love Zara, more than half my clothes are from there, so of course this dress is from zara. I had to put leggings under because, you know, I had to get on a camels back. I am glad I had a chance to experience riding camels, especially since I am afraid of everything, but I told myself on this trip I will try new things. It was enjoyable for about 2.5 seconds lol. It was very uncomfortable to ride the camel for that long and at one point it started drizzling. I am still glad I experienced and wasn’t afraid.

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