Morocco was so much fun!!! The scenery, the colors, the people; definitely a dream come true. For people who don’t travel often, Morocco isn’t your typical tourist city. It is still a third world country, but being from Somalia, I felt right at home. We stayed in the medina at a Riad Ghali and Spa. When we first arrived there, we were picked up by someone sent by the hotel. They carried our bags through the Medina. It was unexpected because the hotel was very modern in terms of construction, hidden within old buildings. When we first arrived there, I was super excited so my girl Kat and I changed and headed out to explore the Medina. It was full of colors, rugs, lanterns, purses and anything you can think of. We spent most of our evening exploring and taking pictures. The center is called Jemma el-Fnna, there’s plenty of restaurants and so many different activities, at night there’s live music. After an entire day of traveling and walking through the Medina, we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep.

The next day we woke up bright and early to head to the Jardin Majorelle. The Jardin, which translates into Garden in English, was so beautiful. It requires a ticket, which costs about 7 Euros. Inside, there were many blue walls, yellow accents, and lots of greenery. It was a bit of a drive from the Medina, we had to take a taxi but it was worth it. The garden was super relaxing and much cooler than other parts of Morocco, the workers were super generous and gave us many recommendations on where to visit and eat. From there we headed to the La Mamounia, a hotel with columns and lots of great printed walls. This was a high end hotel and some of the workers were protective of where we wanted to take pictures. The columns were actually closed down for renovations but we did our best with pictures.

On our last day in Morocco, we did camel rides, which we had booked beforehand. The company we used, sent a car and made arrangements. Once we got there, we had two tour guides/ leaders, they were super sweet and took us around in our camels. They helped us with our head scarfs and gave us the full experience. I honestly wish that we had more days in Morocco but 2 days was a good start.

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