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I have a love/ hate relationship with New York. I love being in a big city; the hustle and bustle but I could never live in the city. I am continuously overwhelmed. So much to do, never enough time. For as many times as I have been to New York, I have never done so many touristy things as I have this time around, I think its because we took the kids. We did the most important things, of course, the statue of liberty, world trade center, empire state building and of course had to visit cake boss himself! I really enjoyed my short vacation. It wasn’t the kind of vacation where I laid by the beach but it was still a good time.

I really felt like a true New Yorker in my outfit. I kept it very simple since I knew we were going to do a lot of walking. I still wanted to be cute so that I could share it with you all. I am currently working on my next finance post, feel free to ask me any questions, and I will for sure include them in my future posts.


Dress and shoes: Addidas

Fanny pack: Forever 21

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