Toronto is beautiful, so much greenery. I ended up staying in Lake Mimico. It overlooked the city and a lake. The views were truly breathtaking. I attempted to capture the entire city, the picture does not even do it justice. The saddest part of my trip was when I came back, my phone got stolen by a homeless person! I lost all of my cool pictures and the only ones I have left are those I took with my camera. I wish I had taken more, but maybe this means another Canada trip?!?!

This little girl was cute but all up in my picture! I attempted to do all the touristy things while in Toronto, so of course I had to go see this big sign and take pics!! This was in the center, middle of downtown surrounded by tall buildings. 

My favorite part was my day trip to Niagara Falls! You don’t realize how beautiful nature is until you see it in person. Miles of waterfalls, made me appreciate what the world has to offer!

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