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For the culture series

   This is the last of my “For the Culture Series.” I love knowing where I am from, the traditions, the values, the clothes. Sometimes being from one place and growing up in another can be a bit difficult. I have never denied my religion nor my culture, but at times it feels like you can never fully belong anywhere. Too cultured to be American but not enough to be Somali. I know that some people struggle with their identity, and you are not alone. Being Somali Muslim in America can sometimes mean navigating through separate lives within the home and outside of it. The most difficult part for me is balancing what is expected of me from my family and my desires to be an independent woman. One of the most sacred traditions in my culture is marriage. Typically women are married young and have kids pretty early. So here I am, 27 years young, with neither. I am actually quite content. Took a while, but I have learned that the experiences we have make us stronger and confident of the person we are becoming. If I could offer one piece of advice I can offer is to live your best life today. Its not going to be easy but it will make you happy.

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